Picking Names

February 01, 2010

by Dana

You would think that naming our unborn child would be easy considering we picked them out years before we were even seriously considering the idea of talking about having a kid. As it turns out, the boys name was the only one that was easy. Chance David Gray was chosen years ago and has never changed. The girl, however, was a real challenge. We both love the name Mercedes, including the nicknames Mercy and Sadie. Unfortunately, we disagreed on whether two middle names was acceptable. I wanted to give her Ann Leslie after my mom and me. But James was adamantly against the idea, dropping Ann out because Leslie is a six or seven generation old name for my family. But I do not like the way Mercedes Leslie sounds. So back to the name drawing board we went. Some of the contenders were Jade, Willow, Storm, and Amber, among others. But after nearly a month of debate, the clear winner was Summer Leslie Gray.

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