The Big Ultrasound

  • We have a little ET!
  • Does this kid have legs, or what?
  • Playing with the feet.
  • Great profile with the hand near the face.

March 23, 2010

by Dana

The ultrasound most people call the 'Big Ultrasound' is where you find out the sex. Naturally, we skipped that part. Here's what we did see, though:

  • fluid in bladder meant kidneys were working
  • heartbeat was strong at 168 beats per minute
  • taking practice breaths
  • swallowing
  • hiccups
  • fluid at top of spine means low chance of neural tube defects
  • hands playing with feet
  • neck skin good, means low chance of Down's Syndrome
  • lenses of eyes
  • weighs about 9oz. - 63 percentile
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