4-D Ultrasounds Are Cool

  • Check out this good lookin' face.
  • We're talking some serious leg action here.

May 04, 2010

by Dana

At the Ultrasound on the 23rd of March, the ultrasound tech thought I might have placenta previa. That's a relatively dangerous condition in which the placenta is covering the cervix. It basically means if you start to dilate, you could bleed to death so they have to monitor you very closely. So Dr. Levine sent me to a specialist for a more in depth ultrasound. This place was OBSESSED with the fact that I am 35. In fact, when Dr. Mirabile came in to talk to me, he said, "So you're here because of your age," and I said, "No, I'm here to see if I have placenta previa." He brushed that aside as though it were insignificant and went back to my age. After I shut down the line he was taking about genetic testing blah blah blah, it turned out to be a boring ultrasound, except for the 4-D part, which rocked. I did not have placenta previa. They estimate that the baby weighs about 1lb, 11oz.

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