Growing So Fast

August 30, 2010

by James

Summer is just three weeks old today, but Dana and I swear we can see changes. Starting yesterday Summer has really upped her milk intake and last night and today her sleep schedule was quite erratic. We were already tipped off to the growth spurt and a quick measurement confirmed she is longer.

The more interesting development is that we have really started to see changes in her. Yesterday I noticed that all the lines in Summer's face are a little more defined. Her nose sticks out a touch more, looks more sculpted and less buried in her face, and definitely didn't come from us. Her eyes are less like slits and more bright orbs taking in the world around her. Comparing pictures from when she was born to now tell the tale. She's losing that newborn appearance and becoming a baby.

Today, Summer took things one step further when she started paying attention to objects around her a bit more. She had already become interested in a large stuffed yellow duck (bought by Grandma) the day before, but today she really seemed to look at a baby photo (of Mason Gourley) that Dana held up in front of her on her iPhone.

What's more? She seems to be watching us. She was tracking Dana's face very well at one point today and even seemed to grin at her. We almost dismissed it as a fluke but we both noticed and were discussing it when we saw her do it a second time.

There's someone looking back out of those eyes!

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