In Focus

September 14, 2010

by James

We are ever watchful for early signs of Summer's personality and, while it's hard to tell much at this age, we think we are noticing some patterns. In particular, Summer is surprisingly focused for her age.

When Summer decides she is hungry, she snaps into food seeking mode. This is a dangerous time to be a parent because if her fingers don't produce milk (not a great track record so far) she's just as liable to try eating a nearby nose, chin, or anything else she can latch onto. Maybe this one is mostly (primal?) instinct, but keep reading…

Summer can now focus in on faces, parts of a mobile, or our too bright skylight that sears adult eyes, etc. She will watch these items intently. Though she hasn't really found her hands yet, they often reach out for these items of interest, a reaction of her desire to have them no doubt. She's getting close and has actually made an accidental grab or two.

When she's not active, she still seems somewhat focused. She has a way of zoning out or just staring off into space. However, I believe from watching her eye movements and facial expressions that it's the brain at work in these times. She likes to think about things.

All that focus is definitely paying off. We can see her learning all the time. In fact, the last day or two we think we've caught a few coos here and there.

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