Choosing a Career

September 19, 2010

by James

Summer and I like to discuss super important topics as we spend time together in the mornings. It's the time when we solve the big problems of the world. Today's topic: let's pick a job for Summer, a few years from now of course. Don't laugh. This is serious business. You have to have time to think these decisions through.

The choices:

Come on who doesn't want to be a ninja? Summer is uniquely qualified for this position, handing out the karate chops as frequently as any action figure. Believe me, I took several whacks during this conversation alone.
Sound Effects Expert
Summer already has quite a suite of noises she can make without even resorting to using tools. For example, she has a near flawless ton-ton sound. Remember those guys? If we allow her the use of toys, her PlayPlace puts out some bird sounds with or without musical accompaniment. She's got the bases covered.
Pet Whisperer
Anybody who can win over both of our geriatric and stubborn pets in about a month is a natural. Summer actually threw up on the cat the other day and he didn't even leave the rocking chair! In comparison, I can't get him to take food he loves from me.
Summer Glau Replacement in a Firefly Remake
Dana told me once that she thought I chose Summer's name because I like the actress Summer Glau. I didn't. It's just my favorite season. However, I do enjoy watching Summer Glau because her face is so expressive and, as luck would have it, Summer Gray may have an even more expressive face. So she may just be the perfect girl to revive the perfect show.

As you can see, these are all amazing choices. Summer's future looks very bright.

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