When Your Kid is Too Good

October 04, 2010

by James

Summer had the first problem it was clear we would need some professional medical assistance to solve this week. It was nothing too scary, but we did fret over explaining it to the doctor. We could just imaging how that would go…

"Our daughter needs your help."

"How do you know there's something wrong with her?"

"We've had a few little clues, but the biggest was her crying fit last night."

The dreaded question: "How long did that last?"

Our lame but totally truthful answer: "About seven minutes."

"You're joking right? Welcome to parenthood."

"You don't understand. Our daughter doesn't cry."

In the end, our doctors scored big points. She fixed Summer. She did it over the phone, just by telling what to get from the store. The real win though was when she didn't ask us how we knew she had a problem!

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