Dad's Day

  • This smile was all for Dad.

October 08, 2010

by James

A day before Summer turned two months old, she gave her dad a big present: a day all about him.

That morning, as he jabbered away at her, Summer decided to join the conversation with some light cooing of her own. What a great start to the day that was!

Later that afternoon, Summer and Dad got to play a little game. She was playing with a stuffed cat on the floor and its round body would roll away when swatted. Dad would roll it back and receive a big smile for his effort. Swat, replace, smile. Swat, replace, smile. We played that for a good 15 minutes.

Finally, as Dad was reading to Mom and Summer that evening, the little one decided to tune into the story and reader. She just stared right at me, listening to the words the whole time. She didn't even complain that the book was only so, so.

What did Dad think of all the extra attention? Best day ever.

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