Brain Day

October 31, 2010

by James

After two days of general crankiness and drinking milk like it might go out of fashion, both unusual for Summer, Halloween was spent learning. We saw Summer do more firsts today than ever before.

First, she spent a huge portion of the day learning and playing. Food was all but forgotten and naps were at a minimum. There was no time for these breaks in the action.

What did we spend all of that time on?

  • Making sounds just to hear our own voice
  • Varying the pitch and rhythm of our coos to hear the differences
  • Mimicking sticking out our tongue with Mom and Mimi
  • Pushing our feet down to raise our hips off the floor
  • Finding a bottle on the table and trying to eat it
  • Pooping on our own (a BIG deal for us)
  • Moving our hand to and almost grasping a toy
  • And watching Daddy like a hawk ALL DAY!

I don't know about her, but I'm wore out… and a little paranoid now.

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