Our Pea in a Pod

  • Daddy insisted that I needed this costume.
  • The youngest Trick or Treater this neighbor had.
  • The baby holding the baby.
  • Peas aren't ambulatory, so they need help getting around.
  • The real "Treat" is holding the Trick or Treater.
  • Mimi held, sang to, played with, fed, and loved me.
  • Papa talked to me just like I like him to.
  • My first big holiday with Mimi and Papa.

October 31, 2010

by James

You're never too young for the holidays! We dressed up our little Pea in a Pod for her first Halloween and took her to the key stops: neighbors and grandparents.

The upsides? The costume fit, though it was a near thing due to those long legs. Summer also enjoyed mimicking Mimi sticking her tongue out.

The downside? Mommy got to eat all the candy!

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