Watch That Left Hook

November 08, 2010

by James

I played with Summer for quite a while tonight while Dana finished packing for our big trip tomorrow. In watching her, I became more and more suspicious of something I was seeing: Summer seems to be left handed.

First, Summer now seems to be able to put her hand in her mouth whenever she chooses. But it's always the same hand. It's the left.

Another thing I noticed when watching my daughter is that she's getting quite good at grabbing furry animals. She can eventually get her hand onto it and then the hair gives her something to get a hold of. She pulls them around for a while and eventually drops them. Then, 50% of the time, she can start trying to get it again. Why only half the time? It depends if it landed on her left side or not.

That's right folks, I think she's a lefty.

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