The Big Easy

  • What all that space in a wheelchair van is really for.
  • Babies are not exempt from helping to carry stuff in.
  • Pleased to be shopping with Grandma.
  • Playing with Dad after a long conference day.
  • Dad working and Summer sleeping. Just like home.
  • Proof Summer was in New Orleans.

November 10, 2010

by James

What did Summer do on her first trip out of Oklahoma? She played while we drove her around, hung out with Grandma in hotels, shopped the Riverwalk and The French Quarter, met 800 geeks, charmed Dad's heroes and friends, got Mom, Dad, Grandma, and 11 friends thrown out of a bar, and gave Dad enough great slide photos to get him rated top speaker at the biggest Ruby conference ever held in the states. You know, typical baby stuff.

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