Developing Normally

  • The rabbit bandaid.
  • And ducks. Today was variety bandage day.

December 15, 2010

by James

I think Summer's beginning to see a pattern: go see the doctor every couple of months and get stabbed again. Ouch! She sure takes it well though. Total crying time after the shots this month: maybe 60 seconds.

As for the growth numbers, it's more of the same. Still slim at 13 lbs. 2 ozs. (25%) and getting taller at 25 1/2 ins (90%). She's already getting close to outgrowing a car seat!

In other news, Summer has now been evaluated developmentally twice this month. The verdict: developing normally and even ahead in some areas. She's going to be a handful. That's always good to hear from the professionals.

Finally, I just wanted to share with everyone something the doctor said today, "She has beautiful gray eyes." She's my new hero. (She also said Summer's around the age when the eyes choose their final color, so they may stay gray for good.)

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