The Third Christmas: Our Own

  • Christmas pajamas may become a recurring gift.
  • Dad's age appropriate gift to Summer.
  • There's a baby somewhere in this pile of toys.

December 25, 2010

by James

We had our our family Christmas in the afternoon, after we drove back from Duncan. It was a smaller attendance event and Summer fell asleep before we could finish opening gifts, but I think we all had a good time.

Summer made a great haul including some age appropriate stuffed animals, not-at-all age appropriate Legos, and a ton of board books. Grandpa also made a set of all-purpose shelves for Summer, designed by her mom. I'm sure you'll see those pop-up in future photos. Finally, Grandma Hall sent a doll crib from her childhood holding a doll from Aunt Nicole's childhood.

While Summer's still too young to understand this holiday, her parents are grateful to all who made it so wonderful for her!

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