Starting Solids

  • Does she look nervous?
  • Do you think she thought we would feed her the box?
  • It still looks mostly like what's in her bottles.
  • She got the hang of the spoon thing pretty quick.
  • Fat and happy?

December 31, 2010

by James

How do we celebrate the coming new year? By feeding the baby (semi-)solid food.

Why now? Two major reasons. First, Summer's showing all of the signs the doctor told us to watch for, so we think she is ready. Just as importantly, Mommy is showing all the signs of someone who needs to believe breast pumping will end eventually.

I was planning to give her sushi from the moment the doctor said, "Start with rice," but Dana assures me that's not what she meant. I'm sure this watered down single grain option is just as delicious though.

How did it work out? Not too bad. She opens for the spoon and even managed to swallow some of it. I think most of it came back up later, but it's a work in progress.

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