Curtain Call

January 08, 2011

by Dana

As Summer comes to the end of her fourth month, it is simply amazing to think back over all the things she has learned and experienced.

  • Experienced not one but three separate and distinct Christmases.
  • Learned how to grab her feet. Now she has a toy no matter where she goes.
  • Learned how to successfully pass objects from one hand to another.
  • Started combining multiple vowel sounds together to form words like aah-ooh and eeh-oow.
  • Started making hard consonant sounds, although she has not yet combined them with vowels.
  • Started eating solid food.
  • Started demanding help to pull herself into a sitting position.
  • Successfully rolled from her back to her tummy, independent of any help from anyone.
I can't think of the last time I learned that many new things in one month! No wonder her nap times have increased. I'd be exhausted too!

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