I Saw the Sign

January 15, 2011

by James

Summer looked me right in the eye this morning and very clearly stated that she wanted milk, with her hand.

As always, Dana knew Summer could do this before I did. She had seen her do it the night before.

We weren't super sure though because some books we read told us not to expect to see signs before about seven months. Of course, those same books recommend you start signing to your baby at about five or six months and we started very early. Also, Summer chose to start with a very easy sign. You just close your hand to signal "milk."

No matter what the experts say, Dana and I are now in agreement. Summer is signing milk. It's obvious. She made sure she had my attention this morning and then made a very deliberate sign. You couldn't mistake it. She was indeed hungry too, so she knew what it meant. (We show her that sign just before giving her most bottles.)

We're just thrilled. She wants to talk to us! We're listening, I mean watching, little girl…

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