Three Firsts

  • They taste like very bland green beans alright.
  • Veggies seem to get some approval.

January 19, 2011

by James

It was a big day for all of us, with three firsts for Summer.

The first was the hardest as she had to say goodbye to a family member. Storm was put to sleep today after a brief battle with ugly health problems. Though they didn't know each other long, they were already working on their friendship. Summer had pulled his hair and thrown up on him. You might be surprised by how well this picky cat tolerated such things, at least from her. Mom and Dad were even more sad, since they had been with Storm since they got married. We miss you Stormy!

The second first was starting vegetables. Summer was ready. We chose green beans to start with and she ate them like a pro. She made several faces that looked like they tasted weird, but kept right on eating.

The final first was when we found Summer's newly cut tooth tonight. She won't cooperate for a picture yet, but, trust us, it's there.

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