The Jumperoo

  • Does she look ready for anthing or what?
  • It has toys too???
  • Two children playing with toys.
  • Dad shows Summer what to play with.
  • "Dad, did you know this thing has a monkey?"

February 13, 2011

by James

We gave Summer her Valentine's Day present a day early, because it was Sunday when we finished assembling it and it wasn't like we could hide it under our bed. Besides, she'll never know it was the wrong day. Please eat this message after reading.

Summer was in the Jumperoo less than 30 seconds before she figured out how to make it bounce. She was ecstatic. I don't think I've ever seen her go quite that crazy over something. She literally jumped until she was so tired that she could no longer hold her head up. It was pure joy for all of us.

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