The Sixth Month Milestone

  • Will you be her Valentine?
  • Summer in caterpillar scooting mode.
  • Mommy always gets a two tone for the nursery.
  • Look at that sweet face in the flowers.
  • Today was super happy day, in case you can't tell.
  • Showing off how close she is to sitting up on her own.
  • A terrific spontaneous hand discovery!
  • Our favorite face.
  • Two monkeys.
  • A great closeup.
  • Blowing a kiss to the fans.
  • Just guess who she is looking at.
  • Can you see those teeth in the bottom front?

February 14, 2011

by James

Our unusual Oklahoma blizzard delayed this photo shoot, so we decided to aim for a Valentine's Day special. To make up for the late posting, here is an explosion of adorable baby photos.

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