The Seventh Month Milestone

  • We knew we were in trouble when we saw this shot.
  • Summer is really, really close to sitting unassisted.
  • Meet the Poseable Summer Doll.
  • Luckly I enjoy the deep looks as much as the smiles.
  • "Are you guys leaving me naked in a metal bucket?"
  • "I can't believe I got stuck with you two for parents."
  • She usually smiles for a bath, but not today.
  • "Oh, can I play with these?"
  • Is she trying to steal a duck?!
  • That poor ducky.
  • What's this? Do I see a half grin???
  • Adults were harmed in the making of this smile.

March 09, 2011

by James

After a great run of monthly pictures, Summer was in a "I'm Not Smiling" mood today. We think we still got some fun shots and we did eventually tease out a smile (three adults can conquer one baby given over an hour to try), but you'll definitely see less grins this time around.

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