Sister Kaylee

  • Two of our cute girls. The dog declined to sit in.
  • Kaylee likes to brush up against Summer.
  • She let's her pull her ears and tail too! That's love.
  • They are already conspiring together.

April 01, 2011

by James

We missed having a cat, so we went in search of a new one. We were just sure we wanted a male kitten, so we went right out and adopted a seven year old female cat.

We call her Kaylee.

Kaylee was put up for adoption when her previous owner got pregnant. It's a shame people still have that superstition (Yeah, it's bunk folks!), because Kaylee is probably the most baby friendly animal I've ever met. Summer and her already get along great.

Though she's just a Moggie (Domestic Short Hair), we think Kaylee's a looker. She has medium smoky gray fur with white paws and a white bib. Her eyes are a bright emerald green. Her tail is also kinked midway down, giving it a neat curly-Q appearance.

Speaking of adding another girl, has everyone noticed that Daddy is the last man standing in his house? You would look into it if I mysteriously disappear, wouldn't you Gentle Blog Readers?! At least Kaylee loves me. She's already getting good at climbing into my lap.

Welcome to the family Kaylee!

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