The Eight Month Milestone

  • A classic shot of Summer's big, bright eyes.
  • A baby at play.
  • Is she looking at the fairy?
  • She looks like she wants to share.
  • Inspecting her toys.
  • Mommy collects these funny faces around our house.
  • She doesn't look too thrilled to be with the rabbits.
  • Why does the bunny get the chair?
  • Bring it in for a group hug!
  • What have we here, Professor?
  • Guess who she is beaming that smile at.
  • Summer from above.

April 09, 2011

by James

It's been an amazing month for us. Summer has turned up development to the max and we are daily shocked by what she has come up with next. To close, Summer gives us another great selection of photos (after her parents and cameraman employ a little patience).

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