Dad's Conference

  • At least she is still smiling.
  • She looked better on the second day.

April 20, 2011

by James

A few days before Dad had to run his Red Dirt RubyConf, with lot of Mom's help of course, Summer came down with her second illness. She slept most of one day to tip us off. We took her straight to the doctor this time to try to get her over the hump faster, but they said it was a gut virus and they couldn't really help her.

She improved the day before the conference, but it moved into her head (as the doctor warned us it could) the day the conference started. You can see the signs of her struggle in the first picture, taken just after we arrived at the hotel.

Luckily Layce turned it around for us. After a couple of days of her TLC, Summer was looking much better. You can see the improvement in the second photo. Thanks cousin Layce!

As for Dad's conference, it went off pretty well, but the team is exhausted.

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