Reading With Grandma

  • Hey Grandma, want to read some books?
  • This is my favorite book! I love the doggies in it.
  • See Grandma? Doggie!
  • You're pretty good at this reading stuff.
  • This is fun Grandma!
  • You know, you do look a bit like me.
  • You want to read this one Grandma?
  • I can help turn the pages!
  • So that's what a sheep says.
  • Are there more sounds in here?
  • OK, let's get back to the doggie book now…

May 08, 2011

by James

I missed these pictures on my first pass due to them being hidden in an unexpected place. I just had to put them up late though since they are so great. I can't believe how interactive Summer is here.

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