Bad Parenting

  • It gets a little worse each day, making us feel so good.
  • Nothing like a little road rash on the tip of your nose.

May 26, 2011

by James

Yesterday, an adult at the party we attended reached down with the intention of wiping what he assumed was chocolate off of our daughter's nose. We corrected, "No, it's not chocolate. It's bad parenting."

Summer picked up this scab when she Harry Houdini'd her way out of the car seat straps, the narrow space between the rear facing enclosure and the bench it sits on, and right on off the bench itself. Her nose broke her fall nicely.

More parenting triumphs:

  • Dad once caught Summer's outstretched fingers directly under a rear tire of his wheelchair and rolled right on over them.
  • When Summer was just a baby, we clocked her head on the metal bracket of Daddy's headrest plenty good enough for her to see stars.
  • Our favorite: while we are gabbing with Summer's pediatrician, she casually falls over on the exam table, ramming her head into the wall.

Summer probably worries about our qualifications as parents and rightly so.

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