The Ten Month Milestone

  • Doesn't she look like a 1920's flapper?
  • Mommy loves these tongue shots.
  • A deep Summer look.
  • Soft and sweet.
  • A box in a box in a box.
  • Who's over there?
  • Daddy loves these "I'm coming for you" faces.
  • Two teddy bears touching.
  • Yikes, is the bear being punished already?
  • Summer showing off her new pull up trick.
  • Super strong Summer topples another stone column.
  • Showing the fans she's got moves!
  • Crawling shots are almost impossible to get now, since she moves so fast.
  • Of course, it's not all adorable smiles.

June 09, 2011

by James

Another month has flown by. Summer looks more like a little girl to us each day and less like a baby. We moved the photo shoot for this month to a better rested time of day for her and were rewarded with a ton of great pictures. Above are the highlights, after some painful trimming.

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