Let Them Eat Cake

  • The adult cake.
  • The too-cute-for-Mommy-not-to-buy cakes.
  • A "smash" cake. Oh yeah, it's on!
  • Careful testing of the cake.
  • You have to get a good feel for the texture of it.
  • Mommy stuck her sweet hand in her mouth. She kept it there.
  • One part icing, two parts drool.
  • No, no. Put your face into it.
  • It's so squishy in my fingers.
  • This is why you remove their clothes.
  • How do you define mess? This is it.
  • She's dripping cake, people.
  • It's never too late for a fork, right?
  • Civilized eating.
  • Can it really be as good off a fork?
  • This cake wants YOU!!!

August 14, 2011

by James

But what do people really want to see at a first birthday party? Cake in a baby's face. Can do.

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