The Haul

  • Look at all this stuff!!! Our family and friends are too generous.
  • Summer shows how she feels about Mimi and Papa's busy box and chair.
  • Remember how much she likes to push beads?
  • A queen in her throne.
  • Ruling over her subjects.
  • She can even be magnanimous.
  • She also knows how to climb into it now.
  • But where do you go from here?
  • Up, of course!
  • Now, how am I going to get all the stuff back there?
  • She can climb back out too.
  • Some bugs Mommy will actually let Summer play with. Thanks Hallie!
  • Sweet chicks from Sister Stef.
  • Summer shows her approval of Italian toys.
  • Dad's gift isn't much on her radar yet, but someday‚Ķ
  • Grandma gave us these cups. But what do you do with them?
  • Stack 'em up, of course!
  • These doughnuts are also from Grandma.
  • What's this? Her own toy box from Great Grandpa Hall with her initials!
  • She likes looking at her toys in there.
  • Great Grandma Hall also passed on Aunt Nicole's old doll house.

August 15, 2011

by James

Everyone is conspiring to spoil our little girl. She can't thank you herself yet, but I see the light in her eyes when she plays with these toys and I promise that she is grateful.

Thank you all so much!

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