Seeing the Thanners Off

  • Does Summer remember Aunt Nicole?
  • Is she worried about this guy?
  • That's right Summer, you have to watch him very closely.
  • Grandpa Steve gives rides.
  • Way up in the world and loving it.
  • Summer has Uncle Payden on walker duty here.
  • That means he has to turn her around when she runs out of road.
  • Pushing his buttons.
  • Do we have any idea what they are looking at?
  • Do not ask these people to smile!
  • Nicole tries to bribe Summer with cups, but she's still smiling at Payden.
  • Summer shows Nicole how you make a hat.
  • It looks like the favorite Uncle competition is over.

August 16, 2011

by James

The Thanner family came back out to see how much Summer had grown this first year and celebrate her birthday. She had a lot of fun playing with them. She seems especially fond of her Uncle Payden.

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