Evolving Into an Upright Species

  • For some reason, having the arms up seems to aid balance.
  • She can even hold objects while standing.
  • And walking.
  • See Spot run.
  • She can cock her head and view us from a new vantage point now.
  • Walking, holding a LEGO, and keeping competing babies off camera is talent!
  • She's getting pretty smooth now.
  • Drinking and driving.
  • And she doesn't spill a drop!
  • "No, I'm not stealing things from the kitchen Mommy. Why do you ask?"
  • Make a run for it!
  • "Come and get them then, but note that I have a spatula and shield."

September 29, 2011

by James

Summer started walking a little at nights a couple of weeks ago. But now the switch has officially flipped. She's a walker.

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